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Ukulele Uff and the Lonesome Dave Trio…Absolutely Dynamite

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Today I’ve found my new favorite group…Ukulele Uff and The Lonesome Dove Trio. This terrific trio tears it up. Great combination of instrumentation and superior musicianship.

This is absolutely my new favorite group. I immediately searched out their website and purchased their debut album. First of all their music is precisely my favorite type of music (at least at this time). As stated on their bio, “They specialise in obscure and wonderful 1920s/30s jazz, Tin Pan Alley songs and traditional Hawaiian music, performed with a skill and authenticity that is rare today.” I couldn’t agree more. As I listen while I write this I’m absolutely giddy. I just want to jump up and shout, “Finally, someone gets it right.” What a treat to listen to.

From their bio, “Chris The Ukulele Uff & Lonesome Dave Trio is comprised of Chris ‘Ukulele’ Uff on ukulele, ‘Lonesome’ Dave Searson on guitar and ‘Brother’ Bill Leach on Hawaiian guitar.” It seems Ukulele Uff and Dave Searson the guitarist met in school in Liverpool (seems like some other group came from there) and played together in various project with Uff playing bass and Dave on drums or guitar. Now I’d like to have heard that rhythm section. It’s obvious these guys have played together awhile. They’re tighter than my old Levis.4pg Digipack

4pg Digipack
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Let me say that Dave’s guitar playing is exceptional. His rhythm is steady and moves with purpose and direction all the while functionally, if not tonally supplying, the bass part. His lead playing is also a joy to listen to…but it’s not great guitar playing that makes this group unique. Indeed the world seems filled with great guitarist.

In 2014 they teamed up with ‘Brother Bill Leach.’ I don’t know how this happened but fate or divine intervention must have had a hand in this union. Brother Bill is exceptional on the metal resophonic lap steel guitar. But once again…I’ve heard lots of super lap steel/dobro players.

And that brings us to Ukulele Uff. Let me quote from the bio again, “When Uff discovered the ukulele there was no stopping him. He practised day and night for years developing his own original style, until he felt ready to unleash his talents upon the world.” His wood shedding paid off. His style while playing his soprano somewhat reminds me of Roy Smeck. I first discovered this group on video versus audio and let me tell you his rhythm playing and flying fingers definitely fit the flea jumping definition while playing rhythm and chord melody…and then he’ll break into an up tempo finger picking lead and manage to keep the drive going. To me it’s Ukulele Uff’s soprano ukulele playing that sets this group apart and makes them unique, and after all, this is a ukulele site.

I could only find one CD, which I purchased as a download, titled “The Ukulele Uff and Lonesome Dave Trio Featuring brother Bill on Hawaiian Guitar.”

Their album is about half and half instrumentals and songs with vocals. As a vocalist, it’s the songs with vocals that I enjoy most…I think, though the instrumentals are so good I may vacillate on that depending on what I’m listening to at the moment. I think it’s that the songs with vocals make me feel I’ve stepped into the 1920s on a ukulele driven time machine that really makes them stand out.

I’m going to end this effusive review with their youtube video of “Crazy Words, Crazy Tune” to give you and idea of why this group really caught my attention. I hope they make it across the big pond someday. I might be the first one in line if they ever play somewhere within driving distance.

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8 responses on "Ukulele Uff and the Lonesome Dave Trio…Absolutely Dynamite"

  1. Profile photo of Caroline

    What a great ukulele band! Thanks for introducing them to us. Their playing is so precise and they have a very a interesting sound. The guy in the middle reminds me of the main character from Peaky Blinders (well, he looks like him).

  2. Profile photo of Jim Thornton

    I really like their song, Ghost Dance. Thanks for introducing me to them.

  3. Profile photo of

    OK…I’ve seen this video a dozen times now! LOL ! Definitely some talented guys!

  4. Profile photo of Kupono

    Good. Still had problems getting to this page from click on contest. Got DNS Error. Had to manually enter through tabs.

  5. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    Charlotte, yea I’m sure you’ve seen this. I just copied it and pasted it from a previous post on the fleajumping.com site.

    You’re probably the only one that’s seen it though so don’t tell anybody I had previously written it and just copied it here.

    OOPS! Guess the cat’s out of the bag here.


    PS. Hey Charlotte, if you haven’t already you should go to youtube and watch some of their other videos. They have other songs that are terrific as well.

  6. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    I’m unaware of Peaky Blinders, but like I’ve said… I’m pretty out of touch with what’s going on in the world, other than ukulele stuff.


  7. Profile photo of Pat Douty

    Very George Forby-ish! I lucked into finding the original sheet music to George Forby’s “When I’m Cleaning Windows” the other day. I’m going to frame it, and one day I will hang it in my “music room” (when I get one. LOL).

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