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The Best Way To Learn To Play Ukulele?

This is another area that seemed to catch the interest of members in the survey on the 24th.

There are many possible strategies, methods or techniques one might use to learn how to play the ukulele.

I’d like to see how many ways we can come up with.

Please comment briefly below on one way a person could increase their knowledge, skill and technique for playing the ukulele.

Just list.  Don’t go into detail.  Let’s see how many different ways to learn the ukulele we can come up with.

After we’ve compiled a list we’ll evaluate the pros and cons of each different method.


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25 responses on "The Best Way To Learn To Play Ukulele?"

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    A friend is showing me how to play.

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    Play every day!

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    Take private Lessons from Monte!;)

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    Take online lessons via skype or website.

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    some kind of school (‘brick+mortar’) (?)

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    Play with others: local groups, friends, family, festivals, around the ukulele karaoke app, etc…

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    Practice slowly until chord changes are more fluid. If you stumble with a chord change, practice slowly at least ten times on the two or three troubling finger positions before attempting the progression at your earlier speed.

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      Excellent technique for learning difficult passages. If you can’t play it slowly, you can’t play it up to speed. One important point here is that often people just keep practicing their mistakes by trying to master a passage while playing it faster than they can play perfectly. What they are really doing when they do this is practicing their mistakes… and they usually get very good at it.

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    “Ukulele for Dummies” – I actually saw this book at Barnes and Noble. Don’t know how well you can learn to play from it, though.

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