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Our First Contest Is Now Live

Hey Everyone, I’m so excited.  Our first contest to win a brand new soprano ukulele is now live.

To enter just go to the Contest page and follow directions. 

The Contest will run through June the 4th.  That’s eleven days from now.

I can almost assure you that only about 20% of members will do anything.  We only have ten members so that means that probably, only two will take it seriously.

If you just do a little bit every day you will have an excellent chance of winning.

We’re focussing on laying the foundation right now and making sure you know how this site really works.  You will be suprised when you totally comprehend not only how it works but how you can use it to truly take your ukulele experience to another level.

So… be sure to check it out.





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May 24, 2017

13 responses on "Our First Contest Is Now Live"

  1. Profile photo of Pat Douty

    Can’t find the contest directions.

  2. Profile photo of Theresa

    I’m looking for the contest instructions also. I can’t find them. Where did you find them, Pat?

  3. Profile photo of Pat Douty

    At the top under PAGES, select CONTEST, then scroll down and it will say +24 something or other. Click on that and a page will open with all the videos listed.

  4. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    I’ve been out of touch for a few hours. Theresa, did Pat’s info get you to the right place?

  5. Profile photo of Kupono

    Using iPad to access your site. Have some issues.
    The home page does not adjust go table format. There I could not navigate yor site very easily. Access to sites were hard to find. Accessing links from bottom does not give you access yo all links. Only after turning my pad lengthwise, wide screen, did I notice tabs at the top of the web page. These do not appear when I use the the narrow view. No search engine to find links quickly.

    Went to pages tab and I select contest and only get a blank page… White screen.

  6. Profile photo of Kupono

    Finally able to get in. Notice I see three small bars holding pad narrow width. When I click on it images shift right and get a big x on what appears to be secondary side frame.
    When I hold tablet wide width I see tabs on top and no bars next to my cart.

  7. Profile photo of Tommy Soprano

    Not having much luck so far. Couldn’t get anything to work on phone (android) or tablet (android) . I am having a little better luck on Windows desk top computer. till it looks like either I cannot access many items or they may not be set up yet. Anyway a
    I will keep trying.

  8. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    Tom, I haven’t had the chance to check the phone or tablet functionality yet. I’ve had one other report of a member having trouble.

    There are things here that you may see which I only have set up as place holders. I’m working to fill in the content.

    At present, the main focus is getting the functionality working correctly, teaching everyone how to get around within the site and getting the contest system working.

  9. Profile photo of Caroline

    Hi Monte,
    Just wanted to provide some feedback as well. When I try to access the site using my iPhone, I’m running into issues as well. I get the big “x” in a secondary screen like kupono mentioned and am having issues finding all the links. The website looks and works great when I am using my laptop though.

  10. Profile photo of Kupono

    Tab problem fixed added comments to blog pag.
    I was able to continue with the contest and get credit without actually going to those specific blog sites… I made the comments after I stalled on the video portion of the contests.

  11. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    Caroline, when you click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner the screen should slide to the left and you should see a right sidebar with a Blue X at the top.

    Under that you should see Home, Courses, Pages with a plus sign to the right, Blog, and Support Us with a + sign to the right.

    If you click the plus sign to the right of the Pages listing it should drop down and underneath Pages you should then see:

    Click on any of these and you should be taken to that page.


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