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My Very First Ukulele

My First Ukulele

Here’s my first ukulele.  My Mother gave me this for Christmas when I was eleven years old.

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May 21, 2017

13 responses on "My Very First Ukulele"

  1. Profile photo of Tommy Soprano

    My first ukulele was a $29.95 piece of crap. Extensive set up work made it marginally playable. I needed it for a skit we were recording at Sheppard Air Force Base. Once that was done it went behind the bed until I heard Iz play “Some Where Over the Rainbow” and “Take Me Home Country Roads”. I thought I should give it a try. Immediately I realized how bad it really was and began searching for a better ukulele. I found a slightly better used Rhythm Band ukulele and hit the ukulele trail. The I meet the folks at Dallas Ukulele Headquarters and my journey began in earnest. I have never looked back.

  2. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    Great story Tom. Thanks for the comment

  3. Profile photo of Caroline

    I bought my very first ukulele in December 2012 from Guitar Center. It was a concert-sized Lanikai and I absolutely loved it! It’s the ukulele I still play today. 🙂

  4. Profile photo of Jim Thornton

    Kala walnut Tenor in January 2017.

  5. Profile photo of

    My first ukulele was actually a borrowed one, that my hubby and I bought on our honeymoon to Hawaii! His son plays guitar, so we bought him a gorgeous zebra wood ukulele. Well, a couple years later, I broke my leg, and was stuck at home for five months! I have an old guitar and thought I might finally learn to play it. My stepson was here and saw how big the guitar was, laying across my lap in the recliner, and he suggested I learn ukulele! He brought over the zebra wood ukulele and lent it to me, and I just fell in LOVE with ukulele! Not long after that, I decided to order one from Ebay, an inexpensive concert sized Cordoba. The strings were hard on my fingers, though, and before long we went to Weatherford (Craig’s music) and the old guy who works there pointed at a Lanakai tenor hanging on the wall. I picked it up, and it was so easy to play and rich sounding, I bought it on the spot. That’s what I’ve been playing ever since. Some day, though, I’m going to get a Kamaka ukulele! We visited their factory in Oahu, and our guide was 94 year old Fred Kamaka, energetic and gabby, showing us everything from the koa wood aging in the shed all the way to the finished instruments, gleaming on their shelves. My first ukulele…hmmm…that Cordoba…it’s now in my mother’s house…I gave it to her 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    Charlotte, I’m so, so envious that you got to tour the Kamaka factory, especially with a guided tour by Fred Kamaka. Someday I’d like to have a Kamaka too.

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      I’ll bet you could get one from Ebay. 🙂 As good as you are with fixing things, you could get a vintage one and tune it up and really enjoy a fine investment!

  7. Profile photo of Pat Douty

    My first ukulele was a $79 “Hal Leonard – Teach Yourself To Play Ukulele” kit ordered from a Christmas Mail Order Catalog. As a member of Sisters on the Fly, I had been hearing about a big trip the girls were taking. They were traveling the entire length of Route 66 in their vintage trailers. I really wanted to be part of the adventure, but life was busy, and I just couldn’t swing it. The last stop on the Route was in Ventura, California, and there were plans for a huge Ukulele Strum Along. Well, they needed help with their music – they had a bunch of jpg files, and no one knew how to put them together to create a “book.” I had the girl in charge drop all of the jpg files into Dropbox. I downloaded them, and turned them into a PDF that could be put into the files on the facebook page and downloaded. They thought I was all that AND a bag of chips. I decided that I MUST get a ukulele, so when I saw that one in the catalog, I didn’t hesitate to order.

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    My first Ukulele was a Harmony concert uke that my father purchased at a pawn shop for $10.00 during a family trip. I had played his college tenor uke for awhile but one of my brothers sat on it and shattered it. I still have the Harmony uke and an old felt pick of my father’s. I estimate the uke to be about about 50-55 years old.

    • Profile photo of Monte Stewart

      Hi Jana, that’s interesting. So the one your Dad got for you was the Harmony, and you still have it.

      Cool! I hope it’s in better shape than the harmony that I have.

      Come to think of it too is 56 years old. Is the one you have similar to the one in the video above. There were a lot of these sold.

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