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I Must Have Ukulele Radar

So, there have been several times that this has happened. I am just minding my own business, and I get the sudden idea that I MUST go to some thrift shop or antique place, and invariably, when I get there, I find some cool ukulele related treasure. The first time this happened, I had been looking online for a Hawaiian shirt that actually had ukuleles on it. Well, I found some… at $40+. All of a sudden I thought about a retail shop that I visit frequently, and decided I had to go. I drove over, went in and started looking for Hawaiian shirts. For some reason, Hawaiian shirts are always in the men’s department – like they don’t even make them for women. I was going through the rack when suddenly I saw it – a shirt that had a ukulele! I separated the shirts and lo and behold, it was a WOMEN’S shirt, and it was MY SIZE!!! SCORE. I think it was around $6. As I was heading for the checkout, I had the urge to check out the jewelry section, and there I found a koa nut necklace with aqua colored shells that matched the colors in the shirt. DOUBLE SCORE. Well, this week, it has happened TWICE. Yesterday, I decided suddenly to go to a local antique mall, and found the original sheet music to George Formby’s “When I’m Cleaning Windows.” $4. Today, I had attended a funeral and on the way home spotted a thrift store that I hadn’t gone to in years. I HAD to stop in. I hadn’t seen anything interesting, and was about to leave when I saw a bin of “stuff” and poked around a bit. Then, I saw one of those little hula dancers that goes on your dash. It was in the original box, and I believe it had the original tape on the sides. It is an adorable monkey, wearing a hula skirt and a tiny silk flower lei, and it is PLAYING A UKULELE!!! SCORE AGAIN!!! As soon as I get this site all figured out, I will upload pictures of all of my “finds.”


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May 25, 2017

2 responses on "I Must Have Ukulele Radar"

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    I should come hang out with you!

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    Pat, some people don’t get why this site could be of benefit.

    Here’s the thing. Only other people who have caught the ukulele bug are going to relate to this post.

    But, to those who have the bug, which includes me, we can definitely relate.

    This site gives us the outlet to tell this type of story to a community that we know will understand.

    If I were lucky enough to make those finds and told the story to my family for example, they’d just say, Oh, please… enough already.”

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