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Great Visit on Online Conference

Hey everyone, I want you to know I really enjoyed the online conference call last night.

There was only one attendee, thanks Jim for being there, but it was exciting for me.

We had a terrific visit, at least from my end.  Hope Jim enjoyed it as well.

I do have a recording of it and you’re welcome to watch.  We did review some basic concepts of Ukulele SuperSocial ( or USSocial ).

Here’s the link:  First Online Update

One mistake I said was about how the winner for the contest is chosen.  I said the person with the most points wins.  That’s not right.

Think of each point as a piece of paper with your name on, it thrown into a hat.  The more pieces of paper you have in the hat the better your chances of winning.

The winning name will then be drawn from the hat.

In summary… it’s a beginning.

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May 24, 2017

3 responses on "Great Visit on Online Conference"

  1. Profile photo of Pat Douty

    I was not at home last night. I will watch the video. I just went through the contest and watched all the videos there. Very informative about navigating! Thanks!

  2. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    Ok, I see you found the directions.

    Looks like my predictions so far are spot on. So far only you, me and one other have done the activities.

    And of course I don’t count… so that means two of you have completed the task.

    I’ll be surprised if anyone else does. I was betting on you and Charlotte being the two that would participate.

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you for doing this. It’s just very, very difficult for me to test my ideas
    without a few folks actually participating.

    There are so many possibilities. When we get the house keeping out of the way and you learn how to do stuff,
    that’s when the real fun begins. We can do some really cool stuff. At least I think so.

    I think you will too. You are who this site is designed for. Those folks who are passionate about the ukulele and will enjoy
    these types of activities, especially when we get into the good stuff.

    So… you go girl.

    Appreciate your efforts.


  3. Profile photo of Theresa

    Ok I’m having trouble finding the contest instructions 😬

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