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Warning!! Strange Bug Going Around! Very Contagious and Symptoms are Severe!

Are you having strange symptoms? Do you find yourself wanting to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” over and over?

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Perhaps you noticed a manifestation of symptoms taking effect after watching the documentary “The Mighty Uke.” Other’s claim to have noticed a severe onset of symptoms after watching a youtube video of Jake Shimabukuro sitting on a rock in New York Central Park playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Many find themselves dealing constantly with the desire to surround themselves with others who are dealing with these same tendencies.

If these symptoms describe you then you’ve been bitten by a flea bug of the jumping variety. In short…you’ve become a Flea Jumper.

They say this contamination began around 1880 in Hawaii when Portuguese immigrants arrived, bringing with them a tiny four stringed instrument called a “machete” which immediately infected the Hawaiian population. One of the first afflicted was a former British officer named Edward Purvis who was living in the court of the Hawaiian King. Reportedly Purvis became so overwhelmed while playing this little instrument that he began jumping around in exuberance. It seems he reminded the Hawaiian natives of a little jumping flea they called a “ukulele.” By the time the epidemic consumed all of Hawaii the instrument had become so associated with the term it became known as a “Ukulele.”

It’s this little instrument, the ukulele, that’s the source of all your symptoms. It has the power to take over one’s mind and initiate a strong desire to do nothing but pick one up and have a good time.

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But have no fear my dear Flea Jumper, here you’ll find the cure…here at FleaJumping.com.

Here you’ll find everything you need to be able to grab your ukulele and strum away to your hearts desire…which seems to be the best cure of all. You’ll learn more of the history of the ukulele and find all types of resources to help you learn to play thegirl_playing ukulele, such as online ukulele lessons. You’ll also find where to meet up with other Flea Jumpers to share in the fun.

You’ll find information about famous ukulele players, great ukulele music and ukulele videos. You’ll learn how and where to buy the right ukulele for you as well as the best ukulele accessories you’ll need. It’s all here.

So find the cure for the Flea Jumping bug right here at FleaJumping.com



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May 21, 2017

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