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Beta users

+beta user blog

this is for the contest.

having trouble with photo uploads.

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May 27, 2017

24 responses on "Beta users"

  1. Profile photo of Kupono

    Video clicks don’t work
    So I did not view any

  2. Profile photo of Monte Stewart


    I’m sorry you’re having trouble.

    On the May 26th contest action item “Visit this Blog Post and write a comment… Be There or Not. I just screwed up.

    I made a mistake when copying the URL into the proper box. Totally my fault. it already had something like,
    http://exampl.com in the box as an example.

    When I copied the URL of the video into the box I thought it was going to overwrite the http://example.com but it just appended it so it ended up http://example.comhttp://correctURL.com.

    Totally a screw up on my part.

    All the links to the videos tested out to be working fine.

  3. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    Richard, on your comment about having trouble uploading photos, is that a reference to the problem you mention, on the forum I think, about having a problem on your iPad?

    I haven’t checked that out yet. Let me see what I can find out. If I can’t figure it out I’ll need to check with my guy who helps me with support issues.


  4. Profile photo of Monte Stewart

    Hey Richard,

    I think all the contest links are working properly now.

    I still haven’t checked uploading a photo using an ipad or phone yet. Wiil do.

    Thanks for your input.


  5. Profile photo of Kupono

    Home page banner – hard to read white letters on pebble beach.

  6. Profile photo of Kupono

    Video now shows after the click. Will not allow continue until video has ended.

  7. Profile photo of Kupono

    Still not sure what is suppose to happen after taking survey. Stays on screen. I refreshed screen and my safari froze. Had to exit and re enter.

  8. Profile photo of Kupono

    Narrow width first time using tab more click gives me white screen. Works on second time.

    • Profile photo of Kupono

      Now works most of the time. Had trouble a few times. Even today. Happens on narrow width. Looking at meme ears profile. Apparently my sign on timed out. I can get to sites using wide view. Narrow view gives a blank frame on the right

  9. Profile photo of Kupono

    Going from page to page response time seems slow. Guess you are reloading entire page every time.

  10. Profile photo of Pat Douty

    I just did today’s contest (30th) and my numbers for the “entries” is totally different from the other 3 days. The other days still show a cumulative total. Today’s isn’t even close to the last cumulative total. Strange. At any rate, I’ve done ALL the entries for ALL the days. 🙂

  11. Profile photo of Jim Thornton

    My contest numbers added up okay today 5/30. I had to leave the contest page and then go back and then the grand total was updated.

  12. I’ll check it out today and see what I have.

    • Profile photo of Pat Douty

      So, I went in to the Contest to check out the totals. Jim said that his “refreshed”. Here is the way mine looks.
      The column headings will be DATE > Your Entries > Total Entries And for some reason, today the 25th comes before the 24th. LOL

      25th > 21 > 150
      24th > 34 > 234
      26th > 33 > 231
      30th > 44 > 177

      Not sure what is going on, but it doesn’t seem to be keeping a running total for me.

  13. Profile photo of Steve

    When trying to When trhying to post a comment, I can;ot see any words that i’m typing. It’s a blakc comment section until I hist POST COMMENT and then it shows up. (sorry for any ttyupos – I can’t see them.

  14. Profile photo of Kupono

    Moving between steps in contests cause safari to crash sometimes.

  15. Profile photo of Kupono

    I was able to enter the contest as a non member. Just go to the home page , select pages, select the contest, go to to the dates extract the the contest pop up frame. Use any name, email and play…..
    Just increased changes for unameit to win

  16. Profile photo of Kupono

    Site still very slow going between pages.

  17. Profile photo of Kupono

    Search engine seems to work. Font very large

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