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Best Song Resources

Hi Everybody,

From the survey I asked you guys to fill out on the 24th it seems one of the things that folks most want to know about is great, or the best, resources for learning songs on the ukulele.

So… let’s talk about that.

I’d like you to comment below and list any resource that you use to find out how to play a song on the ukulele.

You may write a brief summary about it and why you like it.

If you don’t have one right off the top of your head do a google search and see what you can come up with.

Here’s an idea of what you might search for:
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ukulele song resources
best ukulele song resources
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20 responses on "Best Song Resources"

  1. Profile photo of Steve

    One of the best resources for basic music & chord theory is the Kauai Rainbow site: http://kauairainbow.com/Ukulele/Uke%20Home/uke_home.html

  2. Profile photo of

    I like the videos on this page: http://fleajumping.com/austin-ukulele-society-2/

    It’s good to be able to play all the way through a song without having to change pages. Also the audio helps.

  3. Profile photo of

    Hey Steve, I was unaware of your post. Good find

  4. Profile photo of Pat Douty

    The Daily Ukulele books – both the Yellow Book and the Blue one – have a good variety of music at varying difficulty levels. I like these books because they give you a good bit of information that other resourses don’t. For instance, there is always a little chart that shows you the first note of the song so you can get off to a good start. Also, the little chord charts at the top of the page are in the order that they appear in the song, so if you are new to playing and don’t have an extensive list of chords memorized, you can quickly jump up and check out any chords that you aren’t familiar with.

    • Profile photo of Monte Stewart

      Pat, I agree. These are definitely great resources. I have the yellow, the blue, the baritone and the digital version of the yellow.

      They can serve as a great starting point for working up a song. Very ukulele friendly.


  5. Profile photo of Jim Thornton

    http://toneway.com/songs I like these songs and the method as a base/foundation for learning to be fluent in the language of music.

  6. Profile photo of

    I have a book with lots of songs and chords

  7. Profile photo of

    hi, I pay monthly(is rare for me to do this)for ‘UltimateGuitarTabs” apple app;) I can search for songs and choose ukelele or just use the guitar chords to play–and there are diff’rnt versions to choose from.
    oh! and you can select songs for your favorites and watch offline; and you can also have it play along/scroll at diff’rnt speeds !

  8. Profile photo of

    Daily Ukulele books one and two

    • Profile photo of Monte Stewart

      Great resource. Let’s classify this as learning from Fake Books. That’s the term usually used for books that just basically have chords and lyrics rather than specific instruction material.

      BTW Charlotte, when you reply to someone else’s comment you can click the Reply link in the light grey line to the right of their profile photo. That will put your Reply as a sub-heading under their comment rather than a new Comment.

  9. Profile photo of Jim Thornton

    FourChords app has a small free collection of songs, paid has a couple hundred with backing tracks you can select or deselect specific parts of the band to play a long with by yourself or with others. They have a guitar app and a ukulele app version.

  10. Profile photo of

    Austin Ukulele Society has great resources on their website.

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